» Studies
The development of the Flexergy project provided the possibility to perform advancements in operation and management of battery energy storage systems.

The studies performed by the research team allowed Efacec to obtain further knowledge about the system behaviour, which allowed the final solution to provide more accurate and optimized results for the final solution.

Several studies were performed, comprising:
- Computational fluid dynamics, via SOLIDWORKS’ Flow application
- Technical and economic study of an islanded electric power grid, via MATLAB application
- PV generation and load forecast studies, performed with PYTHON programming environment

The pictures below present some graphics resulting from the described studies.

- Thermal management of the batteries
- Off-grid System operation with BESS
- Renewable Curtailment Avoidance by the off-grid system with BESS
- Hybrid AI Approach to day-ahead Load Forecast considering historical data
- Long-term and Short-term PV Forecast considering data from meteorological service