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The FLEXERGY project team has participated in several industry events.
Venue: 3rd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies (SEST), – Istanbul, Turkey, 7 - 9 Sept 2020

Paper: 233 - A Hybrid Approach to Load Forecast at a Micro Grid level through Machine Learning algorithms


Electric power systems’ operation has been facing new challenges. Intermittent renewable energy production and the consumption side uncertainty has been increasing, not only due to the integration of renewable sources but also flexible loads such as plug-in electric vehicles charging and storage devices. For these reasons, electricity load forecasting is crucial, in the sense of being able to determine the stability of the generation system and maintenance of scalable loads. This paper addresses the forecasts of electricity demand in a Micro Grid context and presents the novel HALOFMI methodology, which includes a Micro Grid scenario, selection and reduction of features and subsequently feeding these entries to the Artificial Neural Network. Final measures include validating the results attained from the developed 24-hour load forecast model defined throughout the work, based on performance metrics.

In this conference 101 full papers have been accepted and the acceptance rate was just 44% (the best ever in the SEST series). The conference addressed the following topics:
• Forecasting, Operations and Planning of Energy Systems
• Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation
• Transmission and Distribution Systems and Technologies
• Microgrids, Virtual Power Plants, and Aggregators
• Smart Grid Technologies and Infrastructures
• Power Systems Dynamics and Stability
• Control Centers Technologies
• Energy Markets, Economics and Policies
• Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Savings
• Power Electronics and Energy Conversion
• Home Automation and Smart Buildings Technologies
• Monitoring and Advanced Metering Infrastructures
• Information and Communication Technologies
• Power Systems Protection, Security and Reliability
• Optimization and Computational Intelligence
• Uncertainty and Risk Management Methods
• Data Analytics and Industrial Informatics
• Industrial Cyber Physical Energy Systems
• Energy Storage Systems and Technologies
• Flexible Demand and Demand Response
• Electric Vehicles and Transportation Electrification
• Integrated and Multi-Energy Systems
• Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility
• Business Models for Smart Grids
• Industrial Applications of Smart Energy Systems

Hence, due to the COVID-19 situation, SEST 2020 was held virtually through the ZOOM platform where the authors prepared a video presentation. Below, the virtual presentation in the scope of FLEXERGY (paper number 233) is being presented by one the authors, Tiago Guimarães.

The FLEXERGY project was presented also as having received a grant under the P2020 and COMPETE2020 Portuguese framework.
The full poster can be reached here.

Venue: Portugal Renewable Summit, Lisbon, Portugal, 28 Nov 2019

The Portugal Renewable Summit event, organized by the APREN, took place on November 28, 2019, at the Fundação do Oriente, where more than 500 persons related to the energy industry were present.
Luís Costa, who developed his master's thesis at Efacec and FEUP, applied for the APREN Award, where the winner was distinguished during the conference. The APREN Award is an initiative that aims to disclose, to the renewable electricity sector, academic dissertations carried out in Portuguese higher education institutions, contributing to technology transfer and knowledge dissemination between research institutions and companies. All the works accepted for the competition were exhibited during a poster session at the conference.
Luís Costa got the second place, with the thesis "Integrating Hybrid Off-grid Systems with Battery Storage: Key Performance Indicators".

Below some pictures of the event are displayed.
The FLEXERGY project was presented also as having received a grant under the P2020 and COMPETE2020 Portuguese framework.
The full poster can be reached here.

Venue: IEEE ISGT Europe , Bucharest, Romania, 29 Sept – 2 Oct 2019
Paper: 372 - Integrating Hybrid Off-grid Systems with Battery Storage: Key Performance Indicators

A clear opportunity exists for the integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in hybrid off-grid applications, i.e., isolated grids with renewable sources (e.g. photovoltaic, wind) and small-scale diesel generators. In these applications, renewable sources have the potential to reduce fossil fuels derivatives consumption and reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions. BESS present the capability of maximizing the integration of renewable energy and, consequently, further offset the use of diesel-fired generating units. Therefore, this work advances an operating strategy for the day-ahead planning of the generation units in the microgrid based on the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

In this conference more than 300 posters have been presented, addressing the following topics:
• Industry experience in deploying smart grid technologies
   for power generation, transmission, distribution, energy conversion and storage
• Transmission system technologies, HVDC and FACTS
• Distribution system and substation automation
• Information and communication technologies for smart grids, interoperability and cyber-security
• System integration of distributed energy resources, islanding and microgrids, hosting capacity
• Planning and management of smart grid assets
• Electric vehicle technologies and interactions with the grid
• Power electronics, control and protection systems for smart grid applications
• Smart grid monitoring and advanced metering infrastructures
• Diagnostics, maintenance, risks, reliability, vulnerability and self-healing of smart grids
• Demand side management, home automation and ambient intelligence
• Uncertainty management in smart grid planning, forecasting and operation
• Regulations, standards and codes for smart grids
• Computational intelligence and data analytics
• Smart grid impacts on electricity markets, pricing and incentive/penalty schemes
• Smart multi-energy infrastructures and the environment
• Monitoring and control of power quality in smart grids
• Business models for smart grids

Below, the poster in the scope of FLEXERGY (poster number 372) is being presented by one of the team members, Luís Costa.
The FLEXERGY project was presented also as having received a grant under the P2020 and COMPETE2020 Portuguese framework.
The full poster can be reached here.

Venue: Tech@Portugal, Oporto, Portugal, July 4th, 2019
The TECH@PORTUGAL event, organized by the Portuguese National Innovation Agency, took place on July 4, 2019, at the Alfândega Porto Congress Centre, where more than 100 Portuguese technology and innovation institutions were present. Efacec was invited to present the most recent R&D projects. Products of two Automation innovation projects (NextStep and PowerFlow), were showcased. And other five (including FLEXERGY) were presented at the wide screen (click here to check the presentation).

View of the Efacec space

Venue: Intersolar, Munich, Germany, 15-17 June 2019
Efacec has participated with a booth showcasing its brand-new solutions for inverters, automation technology, project development for solar power plants, superchargers, transformers, substations and secondary substations

The event has received more than 1100 providers of products and solutions for photovoltaics, solar thermal technologies and solar power plants, grid infrastructure and solutions for the integration of renewable energy.
The FLEXERGY project has been presented and disseminated during the event alongside others co-funded projects by P2020.

Venue: European Utility Week, Vienna, Austria, 6-8 November 2018
Efacec has participated with a booth showcasing its brand-new solutions for Power Transformers, MV Switchgear, Substation Automation, Distribution Automation, SCADA/DMS solutions, EV fast-charging, Smart Grids and Energy Storage.

View of the Efacec booth main entrance
This event received a record participation of 12.000 visitors from 100 countries, corresponding to over 2.000 representatives from leading utility companies, besides the industry vendors. In this regard, the event also received a record participation of 600 exhibitors.

Besides the technical showcasing and demonstrations, the main R&D and Demonstrator projects that have been receiving funds, namely under the P2020 and COMPETE2020 Portuguese framework, were also presented and widely disseminated.
The FLEXERGY project was fully presented and disseminated:
  • Project dashboard being presented in a wide screen

View of the Efacec booth, showcasing several P2020/COMPETE2020 funded projects,
among them the FLEXERGY project

Detail of the wide screen, presenting a briefing about the FLEXERGY project