About Efacec

EFACEC Energia, S. A. is a member of the EFACEC Group, the largest Portuguese group in the electromechanical area. The areas where EFACEC Energia is actively involved are the supply of primary equipment, energy solutions and related services, as well as management, automation and power electronic solutions for electric power systems, the latter by the Automation and Smart Power Business Unit.

After developing its own technology and acquiring expertise over a period started in the early 80's, the Automation and Smart Power business unit focused its core business on solutions, comprising Electric Power Grids Management and Automation suitable for smart grids, based on a philosophy of innovation and differentiation with a strong integration capability of diversified technological competences. Moreover, this business unit also addresses power supply and conversion systems, as well as solutions for the space industries.

The Automation and Smart Power business unit provides solutions and turnkey systems for Distribution and Transmission Grid Management Systems (SCADA/DMS, ADMS, DERMS, DRMS, EMS), Outage Management, Integrated Substation Automation and Protection Systems, Distribution Automation, Generation and Power Plants Management Systems (SCADA/EMS), Renewable Energy Power Plants Dispatching, Hydroelectric Power Plant Automation and Wind Farms Power Plant Automation. This business unit also provides solutions for power supply systems, comprising rectifiers, battery chargers, and UPS. Moreover, the business unit also provides power conversion stations and inverters for PV plants, integrated energy storage solutions with own inverter and control technology, as well as specialised hardware for space satellites.

The Automation and Smart Power business unit carries out a strong autonomous and continuous R&D activity. Major developments have been recently performed in the areas of SCADA/DMS/ADMS systems and substation automation systems for transmission & distribution grids. Moreover, the business unit has been innovating in the area of power conversion systems, specifically in the enhancement of its inverter technology for the PV and energy storage segments.