Efacec has participated in several R&D projects, as main promoter, co-promoter or as outsourcing partner. The projects described below refer to some of those that better describe such participations, which are technology related with FLEXERGY.
» INSULAE (insulae-h2020.eu/)
Innovative solutions for the EU islands decarbonisation.
» DEMOCRAT (www.democrat-project.efacec.com)
Demonstrator of a microgrid including storage.

Project status: concluded
» NEXTSTEP (www.nextstep-project.efacec.com)

Development of a New Solution for the Secondary Substation of the Future.

» Sensible (http://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/194405_en.html)

Demonstration of different types of small-scale energy storage that can be integrated into buildings and communities in Evora (Portugal), Nottingham (UK), and Nuremberg (Germany).

Project status: concluded

» SuSTAINABLE (http://www.sustainableproject.eu/)

Smart distribUtion System operaTion for mAximizing the INtegration of renewABLE generation.

Project status: concluded

» STABALID (www.stabalid.eu-vri.eu)

Stationary Batteries Li-ion safe deployment.

Project status: concluded

» InovGrid (About InovGrid)
Development of advanced telemetering systems able to support the technical and commercial management of distribution networks including micro-generation.