» Architecture
FLEXERGY follows a hierarchical structure, as its actuation scope covers different layers/levels of electrical power systems - Field and Process levels - where all the installed devices on the field are presented, namely the local controllers and communication infrastructures. The local controllers are responsible for ensuring a bidirectional information flow with the assets present at the component layer and with the ES Manager present at the Station/function layer area.
The ES Manager shall be capable of managing several Controllers, in a scalable concept (up to multi MW scale, eventually geographically dispersed). The ES Manager shall also be capable of managing:
• Multiple battery energy storage systems which may comprise different battery technologies;
• Several PV/wind generation assets power plants belonging to a same plant (same point of common coupling), through their respective controllers/management systems (or through the ES Controller);
• Multiple gensets belonging to a same microgrid;
• Aggregated management of multiple flexible loads (e.g. EV chargers) through their respective management systems, considering technical and economical specific conditions.
The ES Manager is responsible for interacting with corporate systems such as SCADA systems, and with Energy Services Companies (ESCOs), Web services, Transmission System Operator, EV charging manager and Assets Controllers.

*System architecture under development