» Demonstrator at Efacec’s DEMOCRAT testbed in Maia, Portugal

The outcome of the FLEXERGY project will be demonstrated at Efacec, namely at the DEMOCRAT testbed.

The DEMOCRAT testbed is suitable to perform validation and integration tests of smart grid-oriented products and solutions developed by Efacec. Moreover, any partners jointly collaborating with Efacec in demonstration or R&D projects are also welcomed to use these testbed facilities.

Concerning the FLEXERGY project, it was defined as major milestone the demonstration of the project outcome. In particular, the demonstration aims at covering the use cases identified during the project early stages, namely:
• Technical and economic optimization of hybrid park (PV/Wind/Storage) supported by
   Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
• BESS as a buffer for Electric Vehicles (EVs) integration
• Holistic optimization of microgrids integrating BESS
• Maximization of BESS useful time through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The DEMOCRAT testbed comprises a mini-generation PV plant, a BESS, a load bank, an EV charger and a diesel generator.

View of the DEMOCRAT testbed