» Deployment

The scope of the FLEXERGY project comprises a demonstration which is performed via the DEMOCRAT testbed. This testbed comprises a set of assets, namely a mini-generation PV plant, a BESS, a load bank, an EV charger and a diesel generator.

The outcome of FLEXERGY corresponds to a new software platform, called ES Manager, which is an energy management system, fully aligned with the Energy Hub platform that Efacec is currently developing.

The ES Manager is fully integrated with the existing control systems that were already deployed at the DEMOCRAT testbed.

The ES Manager may be installed on an industrial embedded computer or may be installed in the cloud, depending on the sizing of the system database and on the type of commercial contract – when applicable. On one hand, cloud computing is better suited for EMS service provision – or EMS servitization – while on another, the embedded computer is better suited to perform as system server installed locally within the rest of the system components, under a turnkey contract, for instance.

For this demonstration, the ES Manager was deployed on the cloud platform of Efacec, running under UBUNTU LINUX.

Further information about the demonstration may be found here.