Project Overview
The inherent characteristics of renewable energy, dependent on weather conditions, as well as the fact that a significant part of these sources is connected to the distribution networks establish critical challenges to their proper integration into the electric power systems.
These facts change the traditional paradigm of planning and operation of distribution networks since networks are designed for unidirectional power flows with intention of supply the loads.
Energy storage systems, and particularly those that do not have limitations regarding their installation site, such as battery-based energy storage systems, can be a feasible technological solution for the integration of renewable sources and distributed energy resources, such as microgrids and electric vehicles, in distribution networks.
In this context, FLEXERGY projects aims at developing an advanced and highly innovative management solution, enabled by artificial intelligence, suitable for managing battery-based energy storage assets, integrated with renewable energy sources or meant to be applied in micro grids.
The FLEXERGY project has received grants from the COMPETE program, within the national “Portugal 2020 framework”, supported by the European Union.
These grants support the investment and R&D effort presented by the Automation and Smart Energy business unit, on behalf of the promoter.